Company name: MATTHAN IMMO spol.s.r.o.

Adress: Rohacova 188/37, 130 00, Praha-Žižkov

VAT Nr.: CZ25471554

Registered: by City Court in Prague C 136751

Represented: L.G.C. Boermans, authorized representative

Telephone: +420415240030, +420776348000

Email: recepce@zlaty-lev.cz

Contact adress: Hotel Zlaty Lev Zatec, Obloukova 228, 438 01 Zatec

List of objects: Hotel Zlaty Lev Zatec, Obloukova 228, 438 01 Zatec

Tel. +420 415 240 030, recepce@zlaty-lev.cz, www.zlaty-lev.cz

Opening hours: nonstop


Individual products and services of Hotel Zlaty Lev Zatec you can order:

- e-mail: recepce@zlaty-lev.cz

- telephone: +420 415 240 030, +420 776 348 000

- personally: Obloukova 228, 438 01 Zatec

By services ordering are cancellation terms agreed. See Cancellation of order.


The prices for services are contained in the actual service price list. The actual service

price list will be notified to the client upon confirmation of the order and it will be submit

by the client´s request at any time thereafter.

In the confirmation form, hotel defines whether it requires an advance payment (event.

the guarantee by credit card) and an amount. The terms of the advance payment are the part

of the order confirmation.

The price is payable according to invoice, issued after the executed taxable performance which is the providing of the ordered services. The amount paid by client in advance is deduct from the total amount in the issued invoice. A specification of the provided services is attached to the invoice. The price is payable within the due period to the account stated in the hotel invoice.


Upon ordering the relevant product or service, the client receives a payment request.
For a bank transfer, payment must be made within a specified time, with the corresponding variable symbol indicated. Acceptance of the payment is subsequently confirmed to the client in electronic form in the form of a tax document.
The providing of ordered products and services will begin after the payment has been credited to the account of the facility.
Payments can also be made in cash at the address of the facility in CZK or EUR according to the exchange rate of the facility, payment card - VISA, MAESTRO, MASTERCARD, AMEX, Dinners Club, JCB. Payment via Benefit Plus is also accepted.

Change and cancellation of the order

Order change

We ask our clients to inform us of any changes made to the contact and payment details given in the order, at the contact addresses listed above.

Cancellation of order

The client may cancel the order by writing to one of the above mentioned contact addresses.

1. Individual reservations

- cancellation made 24 hours prior arrival or No Show, hotel charges 100% of first night

2. Business or group reservations

- cancellation made 21 – 15 days prior arrival, hotel charges 30% of booked service

- cancellation made 14 – 8 days prior arrival, hotel charges 50% of booked service

- cancellation made 7 – 3 days prior arrival, hotel charges 75% of booked service

- cancellation made 2 – 0 days prior arrival or No Show, hotel charges 100% of booked


The hotel is entitled to deduct the cancellation fees from the advance amount paid by the client or guarantee credit card. In case of cancellation of the contract due to unavoidable events (Force Majeure) the cancellation fee isn´t charged


Claiming or non-service can be claimed at the above mentioned contact addresses. In the case of a legitimate complaint, performance is repaired, that is, the providing of the service.

Personal data

Personal data provided to MATTHAN IMMO spol.s.r.o., Roháčova 188/37, 130 00, Praha-Žižkov, VAT: CZ25471554, establishment Hotel Zlatý Lev Žatec are processed in accordance with the Act on Personal Data Protection (101/2000 Coll.) And the Regulation OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL (EU) 2016/679.
The hotel has a duty to process personal data pursuant to Act 565/1990 Coll. about local fees and also according to regulation 326/1999 Coll. on the stay of foreigners with a deposit period of 6 years from the end of their stay. This personal data is not passed on to third parties.
Pursuant to Act No. 480/2004 Coll. paragraph 7, paragraph 3, on certain information society services, the hotel processes the electronic contact of the data subject to send a commercial message in connection with the sale of the service. These statements may simply be rejected by telephone or electronically.